Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers Part 1

Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers Part 1

Want to be your own wedding photographer? Here are some tips to help amateur wedding photographers get the best shots possible:

  • Have a list — Set up a list with all the shots you want–head shots of the bride and groom, kissing pictures, pictures of the wedding party, etc.  This will help you stay organized and ensure that you get all the pictures you want for your wedding scrapbook!
  • Scout it first — Don’t show up at the venue on your wedding day and look for great picture spots. Instead, evaluate it carefully BEFORE the wedding day, setting up the various spots in your mind well ahead of time.
  • Have someone coordinate — If you’re going to be the photographer, you’re going to need an assistant to coordinate all of the family members in the photo. Have someone tasked with getting everyone ready for their pictures, corralling children, and lining up the shots.
  • Work with the couple — Make sure that the happy couple knows exactly what you’re going to shoot, when, and how long it’s going to take. Prepare them for an hour or so of photography, and  try to help them get ready for the long haul.
  • Take pictures of the little details — Ribbons, bouquets, the rings, the happy couple’s hands, and many other details will make for beautiful wedding shots, so focus your camera on these little things as well as the big pictures.
  • Have an assistant — Want to make sure you get as many shots as possible? Have a second photographer to help you, and give him/her a second camera. You’ll be amazed by how many great shots you can get with two people snapping away.

Read Part 2 for more tips to help you be the best amateur wedding photographer around…

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