Tips for an Excellent Rehearsal Dinner

Tips for an Excellent Rehearsal Dinner

Want to get that rehearsal dinner just right? Here are a few tips for an excellent rehearsal dinner:

Pay for it yourself — While the bride’s family traditionally pays for the rehearsal dinner, you can always pay for it yourself. That way, you have a say over where the dinner happens, who is invited, and what you eat. Plus, the father of the bride will have nothing to lord over the future groom’s head.

Focus on relaxation — The wedding is going to be one heck of a stressful day, so make sure the rehearsal dinner is as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Find a venue with a private room where you can sit and eat at your leisure, and make sure that there are food options for everyone. Encourage the guests to mingle. Try to keep the drama to a minimum!

Find convenient locations — Unless you have a specific restaurant you’ve been dying to try out, try to find a venue that is located in a place that’s convenient for all of your guests. If you have guests coming in from out of town, make sure they have transportation to and from the venue. If you have friends driving in for the wedding, plan the dinner at a time that works for them. Find a location that is as central as possible, so everyone can get to the dinner as easily as possible.

Consider your guest list carefully — There are only a few people who MUST be at your rehearsal dinner, namely the bridal party and their families. You can choose to invite more people, but why would you want to add more stress? Only invite people that will contribute to making your rehearsal dinner a fun and relaxing event.

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