Wedding Cake Tips from the Cake Boss

Wedding Cake Tips from the Cake Boss

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro has his own reality TV show, and his cakes are loved by millions around the country. He’s got some wedding cake tips for you:

  1. Get the cake delivered in a truck. A wedding cake can weigh up to 50 pounds, so you need your baker to deliver the cake–preferably in a truck with refrigeration. It’s the only way to be certain the cake isn’t damaged!
  2. Keep the cake décor simpler for a cheaper cake. The cost of the cake isn’t determined by the ingredients, but by the amount of time the baker will spend on making it. Décor takes the longest, so keep your cake décor simpler to cut cake costs.
  3. Try a groom’s cake.       There’s always the wedding cake–chosen by the bride–but some people like to have a groom’s cake. An extra, small cake chosen by the groom can be served at the wedding rehearsal, and it’s a much more personalized dessert to serve.
  4. Drink up. When going cake tasting, always rinse your mouth with water between bites of different cakes. It helps to cleanse your palate, activating more taste buds with each bite. Coffee and tea will work too!
  5. One a day. Don’t do more than one cake-tasting per day. Some bakeries will serve up to 10 slices of cake in a single cake tasting, and you don’t want to get sick off your wedding cake tasting!
  6. Eat first. When going cake-tasting, make sure to do it on an empty stomach. You’re less likely to enjoy cake if you’re stuffed from a hearty meal.
  7. No more than five people at a cake tasting. You should have the bride, groom, maid of honor, and at least two parents at the tasting, as this will give you a wide range of opinions on the cake. No more than five!

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