Wedding Cakes 101

Wedding Cakes 101

If you’re looking into wedding cakes, here’s what you need to know about the most common types of cakes:

Round cakes — Round cakes are the most commonly-chosen wedding cakes. There’s something wonderfully elegant about a perfectly round cake, and it can be decorated in any style ranging from classic to elegant to modern to minimalist. The downside of round cakes: they’re slightly pricier than square and rectangular cakes.

Square and rectangular cakes — Square and rectangular cakes tend to look a bit more trendy or chic than square cakes, so they may not be ideal for a rustic or traditional wedding. Still, they’re a beautifully elegant choice for most modern weddings, and they make a bold statement that you won’t conform to wedding traditions. Plus, they’re cheaper than round cakes.

Multi-shape cakes — If you really want to get creative, you can go for a wedding cake that incorporates multiple shapes. Each level can be a different shape, and it will give your cake a fresh, out of the box appearance that will stand out from all the other weddings you’ve attended. The main downside of this type of cake is that it tends to be more expensive than even round cakes. The baker will have to cut each cake specifically, so you’re paying for their time and labor as well as the cake itself.

Cupcake Cakes — This is a fairly new trend, but one that seems to be fairly popular. Instead of opting for a classic wedding cake, many people are decorating multi-tiered shelves with elaborate cupcakes. If you want to do something original for your wedding, this may be an excellent idea. Plus, there’s no need to cut the cake, as everyone can just come and take the cupcake of their choice.

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