Wedding Day Underwear Done Right Part 1

Wedding Day Underwear Done Right Part 1

It’s vital that you choose the right pair of wedding day underwear!

You want a pair that’s comfortable, matches your outfit, and will be suitable for a long day of wedding dress discomfort. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pair:

  • Consider going commando -­– For many people, the idea of going commando is the most unappealing thing in the world. But for others, it’s easier than wearing the wrong pair of underwear! You can avoid underwear lines by something not wearing any. If you don’t need the support of bra or panties, consider ditching them. You can always wear tights to protect the lower half. Just remember what happens if the weather turns chilly and be prepared!
  • Size matters — When choosing underwear, remember that the size of your underwear absolutely matters! If you opt for a pair ONE size larger than you usually wear, it will help you to be comfortable without the risk of bulging. But if you go for too large a pair, the underwear could sag and look bad. Find the right size before your wedding day!
  • Try out underwear with the dress — Want to be sure you’ve got the right pair of underwear for your wedding dress? Spend a few hours with the bridesmaids weeks before the wedding, trying on different pairs of wedding day underwear to see which are the best. Have at least two sets of underwear that will go with your wedding dress, as that can save you a lot of wedding day panic in case one goes missing. Have the bridesmaids look for any panty lines, bulges, or details that look out of place.

For more tips on choosing the right wedding day underwear, read Part 2 of this post…

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