Wedding Day Underwear Done Right Part 2

Wedding Day Underwear Done Right Part 2

Don’t let your wedding day underwear ruin the happy event!

Here are some tips to help you find the right pair:

  • Try altering as necessary –– If you need to adjust the bra straps, remove the waistband from the underwear, or make any adjustments, do so well before the wedding day. When it comes time to get into that dress, have safety pins handy in case you need to make any alterations. You’d be surprised what a few simple changes can do to make your underwear look better.
  • Match your skin –– You DO NOT want to try to find underwear that match your dress, but you should be matching your skin tone. Consider flesh-colored Spanx, or a neutral color that matches your skin tone. When the strobe lights are on, white underwear will show up against your skin very clearly.
  • Stock up on “tit tape” — This tape is used to hold your breasts in place, and will come in VERY handy on your wedding day! If you choose to skip the bra, you can place a few strips over your nipples to prevent them from poking through the dress should the evening turn chill. You can use the tape to hold a backless or strapless bra in place, and you can cover the inside of your bra cups with the tape to ensure that your breasts cannot escape confinement. It’s not easy to remove, but it can save you from serious embarrassment.
  • Be careful of details –– If your underwear have frills or lace, they should show through the dress. Even something as simple as a bow could stand out against a tight wedding dress. The ideal wedding day underwear is as plain and boring as it gets, but equally practical and supportive.
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