Wedding Mistakes Smart Brides Avoid

Wedding Mistakes Smart Brides Avoid

Last-minute stress can ruin your wedding day! To prevent the pressure from getting to you on your big day, here are some wedding mistakes you’d do well to avoid:

Crash dieting — Sure, you want to look good on your wedding day, but that’s no excuse to starve yourself thin in the weeks leading up to the wedding. You’ll be hungry, cranky, and tired on your big day, and could ruin it for everyone. Instead, start six months out, and lose weight gradually instead of all at once.

Failing to plan proper seating — Do your single friends really deserve to be seated at the same table? They may find that they have nothing in common, and they could come to dislike each other VERY quickly. Instead, seat your single friends among the married couples, pairing them with people who share interests. Let the romantic ambience, music, and drinks take effect and bring your single friends together organically.

Making people wait — Your wedding is a special day for you, but your guests just want to get the ceremony over with and get to the wedding meal, drinks, and party. Wedding guests can be notoriously short-tempered, so don’t make them wait. Set the ceremony and reception at the same venue, and serve drinks and appetizers between the two events. Keep the speeches and toasts short, and get to the partying!

Comparing wedding rings — Ring envy is a real thing! The minute you start comparing your wedding ring with that of your best friend, mother in law, or co-worker, that’s when the trouble starts. Keep your eyes on your wedding ring, and be thankful for its beauty. Your man went to a lot of effort to get it for you!

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