Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas Your Guests Will Love Part 2

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas Your Guests Will Love Part 2

Looking to mix things up for the wedding rehearsal dinner? Here are a few ideas that can help you not only do something fun and different, but possibly even save a bit on the dinner budget:

  • Dinner Journey — This is a fun and unique way to include all of your friends and family in the rehearsal dinner. You can have each of the relatives open their houses to the bride, groom, and the wedding party. Start the wedding rehearsal dinner at one of your relatives’ house for some light appetizers, move on for some simple dinner food, then finish for a light dessert at another house. It’s a great way to taste a variety of food and sample family recipes.
  • Bar Crawl –– If the bride and groom are big drinkers, this can be a lot of fun! Sure, the parents of the bride and groom may have to be up for anything, but they may just find that it’s a great way to celebrate the impending nuptials. You can contact each of the bars ahead of time and reserve a table or space, and have the bar serve simple bar food with each round of beers. It’s one heck of a fun way to get plastered together as a wedding party!
  • Hobby Dinner –– Are the bride and groom focused on fitness and running? Hold a 5K in their honor and finish it with a post-workout meal. Are they into wine? Host the rehearsal dinner at a local winery. Are they big outdoor enthusiasts? Consider holding a meal at the top of their favorite mountain peak or in the middle of the forest (caterer-permitting, of course). Find a way to combine the dinner with their passion, and it will make it much more special for them.

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