Wedding Tips from Real Brides, Part 1

Wedding Tips from Real Brides, Part 1

Planning and organizing a wedding is a monumental task, and you may be feeling totally overwhelmed by all you have to do. Take the following tips from real brides to make the wedding planning so much easier!

  • Love the planning — Don’t dread the details of planning the wedding, but enjoy every moment of it. Revel in the love and bliss that you will share on this special day. Pete and Rachelle, Washington.
  • Remember that it’s worth the effort — It takes time and work to plan a wedding, but it all becomes worth it when you take those first steps down the aisle. The stress of the planning melts away in the moment of happiness. Daniel and Jamie, California.
  • Give it time — Start planning your wedding well in advance. We started 16 months before the day of the ceremony, and it took a lot of the stress and strain out of the planning process. Matt and Claire, Virginia.
  • It’s never going to be all ‘perfect’ — There are always going to be problems on the wedding day, and no wedding planning ever goes off without a hitch. Expect the problems, and they won’t be able to ruin your special moment. Ben and Teresa, California.
  • Make a conscious effort to not get stressed — All of the wedding planning can get to you, and it can ruin the enjoyment of planning your big day. Be conscious of the stress, and actively fight it. The less stress, the more you will love the process. Jim and Katrina, Massachusetts.
  • It’s about YOU — Your wedding is YOUR special day. You can try to make everyone else happy, but that can lead to serious stress. You are the only one who needs to be happy, so stop trying to accommodate everyone’s wants and demands. Kyle and Healther, Washington.

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