Wedding Traditions That Cost Too Much

Wedding Traditions That Cost Too Much

Wedding traditions are important, but sometimes it’s a good idea to let go of the “traditional” in order to cut costs!

Here are a few pricey wedding traditions to consider skipping on:

Matching the bridesmaids — Does it really matter if the bridesmaids all look exactly the same? To achieve this, you’ll have to shell out for three to six dresses, which can send your dress costs through the roof. It may be a good idea to let them choose their own dresses. Don’t worry, you still have veto power!

Fancy rings — Do you really need to follow the “two month salary” rule when buying wedding rings? You don’t have to do the traditional engagement ring or wedding bands, but find what works for YOU. In the end, it’s going to be on your hand!

The white wedding — White wedding dress, white flowers, and white decorations are all part of a traditional wedding, but do you really want to plan the classic “white wedding”–complete with church or cathedral? It’s definitely cheaper to slim things down!

Hiring a wedding planner — Yes, wedding planners can help to make your life a lot easier, but they’re pricey! Instead, plan the wedding yourself, and hire a day-of coordinator to run the show on your big day. The coordinator can help to troubleshoot the wedding even before the day of, and will be an invaluable assistant at a much lower price.

Paying for it all yourself — Traditionally, the bride (and her family) covers the cost of the wedding ceremony, and the groom (and his family) pays for the reception. But that’s an outdated tradition! Instead, cover the costs together, and don’t be so nit-picky that everything turns into a fight. It’s about making the big day special, regardless of who pays for what.

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