Wedding Trends for 2016 Part 2

Wedding Trends for 2016 Part 2

Wondering what’s going to be in style in the next year? Here are a few of the most popular–and unique–wedding trends for 2016:

Handwritten invitations/signs/decorations — With everything becoming increasingly digital, handwritten cards, signs, invitations, and decorations are more highly prized than ever. Handmade, DIY elements will return to take center stage at the wedding, replacing the more “paint by numbers” digital invitations, seat cards, and signs.

Mini-food — More and more weddings are opting to reduce the size of the meal served, and instead stick with appetizers instead of a full entrée. For those who want to combine the best of both worlds, mini-foods are very much in. Think mini-pizzas, quiches, burgers, pies, and even cookies served with shot glasses of milk. Miniature foods are chic, and they’re certainly delicious!

Unique wedding cakes — Gone are the days when everyone will have a round, multi-tiered wedding cake! Now, you’re more likely to see a wedding tower of cupcakes than a boring wedding cake. 2016 will be the year of unique and out of the box cakes. The more original the cake, the more memorable the wedding.

Sequins — Sequins were in high style in the 20s and 30s, and they seem to be making a glorious return. 2016 will be the year of sequined napkins, tablecloths, place settings, and more. The shinier and more sparkly the décor, the fancier the wedding will feel.

Indoor décor outside — Think elegant indoor sofas on a grassy lawn! More and more wedding venues are opting to bring the indoors outside, adding an element of comfort and elegance that no utilitarian outdoor furniture can match.

Yes, 2016 is sure to be a wonderful year for weddings, with more fresh and unique trends than ever before.

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