What to Do With Heirloom Stones

What to Do With Heirloom Stones

What should you do if you’re given a beautiful heirloom ring that just isn’t your style? Here’s what to do with heirloom stones and rings:

Be sensitive — Even if the ring isn’t your style, don’t say it on the night of the proposal! Show the proper amount of excitement, and bring up the style a few days later. Even then, you have to be sensitive of your fiancé’s feelings. It’s a valuable piece of jewelry to them, so tread lightly.

Consider your options — You really have two choices. Option #1: you leave it alone and wear the ring, even if it isn’t your style. Option #2: take it to a jeweler’s and have the stone reset in a new ring of your style. Talk to your fiancé about both options.

Talk to the previous owner — The last thing you want to do is offend the mother or grandmother who gave you the ring. Before you take it to a jeweler’s to have it reset, talk to the previous owner to be certain that they’re okay with it. Find out what matters most: the stone, the band, or the ring as a whole. If it has sentimental value, it may be worth leaving alone.

Try to keep it consistent — Instead of changing everything about the ring, try to reset it in a band or style that matches the previous style, but which suits your taste. That way, you won’t upset anyone by changing everything, but you’ll be able to make a few small adjustments to adapt the ring to your particular preferences.

Work with someone you trust — You need to find a jeweler that will do the job right! They need to treat the ring and stone with care, avoid damage, and set the ring properly. It’s worth shopping around to find someone you can trust.

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