What You Need at Your Wedding Dress Fitting

What You Need at Your Wedding Dress Fitting

Going for a wedding dress fitting is a very important part of the wedding prep process!

To ensure that you are uber-comfortable at the fitting, make sure to bring these things along:

  1. Panty hose — If you’re going to be wearing control-top panty hose, bring that along with you. It will help you know how tight you can afford for your dress to be on the big day. Even if you’re not wearing control-top garments, bring along a pair of hose just in case.
  2. Strapless bra –– You may end up opting for a strapless wedding dress, or you’ll just want to keep that bra on as you try on all of the various wedding dresses. The beauty of a strapless bra is that it goes well with EVERY style of gown.
  3. Hairstyle –– If you’ve already selected the hairstyle you want for your wedding day, bring it to the wedding dress fitting. Have your hair arranged in that elaborate coiffure, as that will help you to choose the dress that complements your hair style and figure.
  4. Shoes –– Bring the shoes you will wear on the day of your wedding, or at least shoes of the same/similar height. One to two-inch heels are ideal for dancing and comfort, but consider bringing flats if you are opting for a flowing wedding gown that will hide your feet.
  5. Photos –– You will not only need to bring photos of your wedding venue, but you’ll also want to bring photos of the centerpieces and floral arrangements. Bring a few cut-outs of dresses you like and think will suit you. These visual aids will help the dress salesperson to find just the right dress for you!

Bring these things to your wedding dress fitting, and you’ll be uber comfortable and have the best chance of finding the perfect wedding dress.

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