What You Need to Know about a Fall Wedding

What You Need to Know about a Fall Wedding

What could be better than getting married during the fall, when the world is a deep, rich mix of brown, red, yellow, and orange? Here’s what you need to know about a fall wedding:

The temperature is beautiful — There will still be a bit of heat during the early fall, or you can wait until things cool off to plan your wedding. Either way, you don’t have to worry about being cold until the final weeks of autumn.

Fall is predictable —There’s fewer storms, rainclouds, and heat waves in the fall. The weather is usually fairly predictable, with the only variable being the wind. This makes fall perfect for an outdoor wedding!

The gorgeous colors — Think about the beautiful wedding photos you can take in fall! With the shedding trees and colorful leaves as your backdrop, it’s a perfect way to add life to your wedding album.

Venues are cheaper — Fall is a slower season for wedding venues and vendors, so they’re usually willing to drop prices. This is the time of year to rent a national park as your wedding venue. The cost is MUCH lower than a traditional venue, and you have the beauty of nature around you.

Difficult for out-of-town guests — If you have family coming in from out of town, it may prove difficult for them to take time off from work. After all, they’ve just used up their vacation days during the summer, or they’re saving them for the winter holidays. Keep that in mind when planning your fall wedding.

Money’s tight — School expenses are back, summer vacation drained everyone’s bank accounts, and Christmas is just around the corner. Your guests may not have as much to spend on wedding presents!

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