What You Need to Know about a Winter Wedding

What You Need to Know about a Winter Wedding

Getting married in winter can be a magical experience; think about walking down an aisle surrounded by snow! Here’s what you need to know about your winter wedding:

Snow makes a beautiful backdrop -­– Despite the chill, the wedding photos are going to come out MAGICAL! Nothing makes wedding photos more magical than a snowy background.

It’s perfect for a cozy wedding — What could be cozier than getting married in a warm, candlelit ski lodge surrounded by snow? If you want a cozy, intimate wedding, the conditions don’t get better than this!

The wedding feast can be all desserts — Think about how wonderful it would be to dine on hot chocolate, steaming pies and cakes, and other hot desserts. A winter wedding can help you cut costs, as a dessert-only meal can be much cheaper.

It’s a cheaper time of year — Summer is the most popular time for weddings, so winter is usually a “low season”. You can find venues and vendors that will offer good prices just because it’s a slower time of year.

It’s bloody cold — Make no mistake: it’s cold outside! No outdoor weddings for you; it may even be too cold indoors. Prepare to dress VERY warmly.

You’re competing with the holidays — It may be hard for people to take time off from work to attend your wedding. Plus, with all the Christmas shopping people are doing for their own family and friends, they may not have a lot to spend on your wedding gifts.

Days are shorter — Beautiful winter photos can only be taken during daylight, you have fewer hours of visibility, and the temperature drops sharply after dark!

Arriving at the venue can be challenging — This is even truer if you are considering getting married in the mountains or out of town.


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