How to Write Amazing Wedding Vows Part 1

How to Write Amazing Wedding Vows Part 1

Writing wedding vows can be a bit harder than you might think! You want to write something that is heartfelt but not sappy, romantic but not cheesy.

Here’s some tips to help you write amazing wedding vows:

  • Walk the venue — If you take a stroll through your local wedding reception venue, you’ll get a feel for the ambience. Walk it alone, and think about what you want to say. It can get those creative juices flowing.
  • Take a hike — Exercise is a great way to spur your mind into creative action, so it’s time to take a hike out into the middle of nowhere. Bring a paper and pen with you, and jot down any ideas that come to you.
  • Read — Want to come up with creative ideas for writing your own vows? Read the wedding vows of other people (you can find a multitude online), and see if they spark anything in your mind.
  • Ask yourself why — “Why” have you chosen this person to marry? “Why” do you want to spend the rest of your life with this person? “Why” are they so special? Ask yourself all of these questions, and the answers you’ll get will give you an idea of where to start writing your vows.
  • Make promises you intend to keep — Your vows should include promises that you make to your spouse, things like “I will cherish and respect you” or “I will fight to keep loving you”. These promises will be an important part of your vows.
  • Think about what marriage means to you — Why are you getting married? Is it to have someone to be by your side as you go through life? Is it to have a maid and cook? Think about what is causing you to marry this person, and let those feelings come out in your vows.

Read Part 2 of this post for more simple tips for writing rockin’ wedding vows!


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