How to Write Amazing Wedding Vows Part 2

How to Write Amazing Wedding Vows Part 2

Writing wedding vows may not be as easy as you think, but the tips below can help you draft vows that you know he/she will love:

  • Recognize the stumbling blocks — You know that there will be problems in life, so add that into your vows. Say “I vow to always fight to overcome our issues, and to always strive to solve our problems no matter how daunting they may seem”. It’s a vow that will carry a lot of weight!
  • Keep the vows short — Everyone wants to get through the wedding ceremony to hit up the local wedding reception for free food and drink. The best vows are SHORT–no more than a paragraph or two.
  • Write and rewrite — You can’t expect to get it right on the first try, so make sure to go over your vows and rewrite them until you’re satisfied that they say what you want them to say.
  • Include a quote — There are many excellent quotes on love or romance that you can include into your vows, and they can help to emphasis the point you are trying to make. It’s not completely original, but it’s a good way to ensure that you get the message across.
  • Think about what matters most — What do you think your partner would want to hear from you? Of course they want you to declare your love for them, but what promise/vow would really make them feel loved? Include that into your vows to give them extra special meaning.
  • Look forward — Why not include a bit that talks about what you can expect from your future together? Talk about the goals you want to share as a couple, the things you’ll accomplish together, and the qualities you’ll work to embody together.

There’s nothing like well-written wedding vows to melt the heart of that special someone you’re marrying!


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