Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 1

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 1

Surviving your wedding day can be much easier if you put together the right wedding day survival kit!

Here are a few things to pack:

Tide to Go —Tide to Go pens and stain erasers will come in VERY handy when preparing for a wedding. These simple stain removers can help you get rid of any spots or stains on your wedding dress, your tuxedo, or the bridesmaids outfits. When you’re around food and drink (like you are at a wedding), having these on hand can save your life!

Breath mints/chewing gum — Not only will these help you to have fresh breath when it comes time for the first kiss, but they can stop you from feeling hungry. Mint is a natural appetite suppressant, so chewing gum or popping a Tic Tac can deal with your hunger as you go through the long preparation process and ceremony.

Sewing kit — A compact sewing kit can save your wedding in hundreds of ways! Perhaps it’s some small detail on the dresses or suits, or there’s a serious wardrobe malfunction with the wedding dress or the groom’s tuxedo–either way, it’s VITAL to have a sewing kit on hand.

Alcohol -­-When the stress of the wedding day is getting to you (either the bride or the groom), having a bit of something strong to drink can save your sanity. You can bring a flask of your favorite vodka, whiskey, or tequila, or just pack a bottle of wine to drink as you’re getting ready. As long as you don’t overconsume, it can help you get ready for your big day the right way!

In Part 2, we’ll look at a few more important additions to your wedding survival kit…

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