Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 2

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 2

A wedding can take quite a toll on you, especially when little problems and irritations begin to crop up. Packing a wedding day survival kit can make your big day A LOT easier!

Blister treatment/medical tape — Those beautiful heels you bought for your wedding can be VERY painful, especially if they’re brand new and haven’t been properly broken in! If you’ve forgotten to wear the shoes around in the weeks leading up to the wedding, you absolutely must have medical tape on hand for all those blisters that are sure to develop. Blister treatment can save you a lot of pain on your wedding day!

Flats — Yes, those high heels do make you look stunning (and the same height as the groom), but how long can you realistically stand, move, or dance in them? At some point, you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, or you’re going to have a miserable wedding. Pack a pair of comfortable flats to wear once the dancing starts!

Manicure/pedicure tools — Don’t let a chipped nail or ruined nail polish affect your big day! Have a nail file on hand to deal with any finger or toenail emergencies, and bring along a set of nail clippers to trim any nails that get out of control. With nail polish, nail polish remover, and everything else you’ll need for a mani-pedi, you can deal with any nail situation!

Lotion — The last thing you want is to have dry hands on your wedding day! A small bottle of moisturizing lotion can save your dry skin, and it fits nicely into whatever bag you’re packing for the big day. DEFINITELY something you want to have on hand.

In Part 3, we’ve got more additions to your survival kit…

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