Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 3

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 3

Want to get through your wedding alive? Here are a few things you MUST bring in your wedding day survival kit:

Feminine hygiene products — Wouldn’t that just be your luck that your “time of the month” would arrive right on the happiest day of your life? Don’t let an emergency ruin your big day, but pack all the feminine hygiene products you need to stay in control of the situation!

Super glue — This is definitely one of those “just in case” items, but it can save you in a pinch! You’d be surprised how easily things can break, and having super glue to put them back together may help to prevent a serious wedding disaster.

Floss/toothbrush — You want to have sparkling white teeth on your big day, don’t you? Floss will help you to eliminate any particles of food stuck between your teeth after your wedding day breakfast, and it’s always good to have a toothbrush handy to give your teeth a quick brushing before you walk down the aisle. This is DOUBLY important if you’ve been drinking wine in the bridal suite–you don’t want the wine to stain your teeth purple!

Fashion tape — This is useful for anything from taping over blisters to keeping your boobs from popping out of your dress! A single roll of the stuff may be enough to deal with any emergencies, but you may want to bring two rolls just in case.

Wet wipes — You’d do well to stay away from sinks once you’ve climbed into your wedding dress! Splashing water can mar the perfection of your dress, but thankfully wet wipes can help you keep your hands clean without needing to use the sink.

In Part 4, we’ve got a few more important ingredients for your kit…

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