Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 4

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 4

Want to get through your wedding day alive and with your sanity intact? Packing a wedding day survival kit can help you be prepared for any wedding SNAFU that will arise!

Here’s what your survival kit needs:

First aid kit — There is always a chance of injuries at any wedding. You may not be handling anything sharp or hot, but you’d be amazed at all the ways people can injure themselves. Having a basic first aid kit on hand can help you to deal with any injuries!

Snacks — Quick and easy snacks can save a bride’s life! The preparation process is long and arduous, and you usually won’t have time to sit and eat until you’re already in your wedding dress. To avoid any risk of stains, avoid real food but pack snacks that are clean, easy to eat, and provide a quick energy boost to the bride. Think granola bars, peanuts, chocolate bars, etc.

Hair accessories — You have no idea how many times a simple bobby pin or hair elastic can come in handy at your wedding! The more elegant the hairstyle, the more likely it will be to malfunction at the worst possible time. Unless you’re having the hair and makeup artist on hand to help you out, you’re going to need hair accessories to deal with any hairstyle issues.

Benadryl — You may not think you’re allergic to anything, but is your wedding day really the day to find out? Pack some Benadryl, and have it handy just in case someone has an allergic reaction to dust or pollen in the air, something in the food, or even the alcohol.

Check out Part 5 for a few more additions to your wedding day survival kit…

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