Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 5

Your Wedding Day Survival Kit Part 5

Don’t let emergencies or last-minute problems ruin your big day! Pack a wedding day survival kit and be prepared for anything!

Here are a few things to add to the kit:

Water — Always bring water, and LOTS of it! There is nothing worse than getting dehydrated as you go through the arduous process of getting ready for your big day. Don’t chug water like you’re running a race, but drink enough to stay hydrated without having to run to the bathroom every few minutes.

Chapstick/Lip balm — Do you want your first official kiss as a couple to be ruined by dry lips? Chapstick or lip balm can help you to keep your lips plump and moist, making that moment a truly special one. If your lips are very dry, you may even want to put the chapstick or lip balm on under the lip gloss for an extra coat of protection!

Earring backings — This may not be necessary if you’re wearing hoops or dangling earrings, but they can help you avoid any problems with studs or simple earrings! Always have a few handy just in case someone else loses their backings.

Safety pins — These little pins can save your wedding dress, tuxedos, or bridesmaids’ gowns from some serious wardrobe malfunctions. They are an incredibly handy thing to have around, so make sure to pack a few dozen.

Deodorant — This one should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyways! You’re going to be sweating A LOT during the preparation process, the waiting, the wedding march, the ceremony, and the reception. A good deodorant can save your life, and can keep you smelling beautiful on your big day! Just make sure it’s the non-marking kind–the last thing you want is big yellow pit stains.

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